Supplier selection and Assessment, Costing Consultancy, Order Confirmation, Pre and Production Approvals and Status Reporting are followed by this department.
Sourcing Services: Since FKW is already supplying garments over 20 suppliers, our merchandisers have the updated technical assessment of our suppliers, latest pricing data and new quality parameters to be approved.
Garment Manufacturers are commercially assessed in terms of financial status and banking. Approved Apparel Suppliers are also assessed technically in terms of machines, type of machinery, production capacity, quality control systems, export performances etc.
Sourcing can also be further extended in locating reliable fabric sources, dyers and printers which ultimately promotes quality of merchandise.

Status Reports:
The order status is tracked every hour and Online Status is maintained for buyers to refer any time. Immediate, clear and authenticated communication is a strong held policy of FKW that ensures successful merchandise between our garment suppliers in Tirupur, Karur, Erode, Salem etc and apparel buyers in US and Europe.

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